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Are you considering building a garage? When you need a detached garage builder in Idaho Falls, ID, my company, Eagle Rock Building & Repair, is the logical choice with more than 20 years of local experience in designing, building, and finishing detached garages. I offer superior finished products at reasonable prices, always completing my projects on budget and on time—more than can be said for many contractors!

When you choose Eagle Rock Building & Repair as your garage contractor, you are entirely in control of the design and characteristics of your project. Detached garage building and detached garage construction are designed to increase the utility and storage on your property, which is exactly why they must be executed to your specifications. Whether you require a commercial or residential garage, I am the local garage builder of choice.

The work ethic of my team is second-to-none. In addition to detached garage building, I offer custom outdoor shed and barn options, all excellent means of shelter and storage. My garages are available with your selection of doors, windows, vents, overhands, shelving, and miscellaneous other features. Detached garage building is fun and exciting when you work with an experienced and reliable contractor like myself!

To begin working with my team on the design and construction of your detached building, please give me a call today in Idaho Falls, ID. At Eagle Rock Building & Repair, we specialize in basement remodeling, home repair, home renovation, and much more. When it comes to detached garage building, we are able to add the plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other features you need.

Simply call today to get started and to request a complete estimate and consultation!

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